Aims & Objectives

Nuqtah Journal of Theological Studies is devoted to the academic Articles of Islamic Sciences to endorse the exchange of views and healthy dialogue while deriving research findings. The aim and objective of the Journal are to deliver an enhanced understanding of Islamic thoughts through a reliable source of information.  It aims to communicate original research and current issues on the subject. The journal will be synergetic for the researchers to the contemporary developments in various fields of Islamic Studies. It is intended to publish quality academic papers and make them accessible to researchers worldwide. As a rich source of original research publications in the field of Islamic sciences, Nuqtahjts is invaluable for authors, readers, reviewers, teachers, students, and librarians simultaneously. Few further (but not least) aims and objectives are:

It aims at defining Islam in terms of its fundamentals in a rational and liberal manner emphasizing, at the same time, the basic Islamic ideals of universal brotherhood, tolerance, and social justice.

It aims at interpreting the teachings of Islam in such a way as to bring out its dynamic character in the context of the intellectual and scientific progress of the modern world.

It provides an open forum for a dialogue among the Fundamentalist, Conservative, and Modernist schools of thought among the Muslims aiming at finding a balanced view.

It endeavors, through dialogue, to find Islamic answers to the question relating to social, political, economic, and moral problems of the fast and drastically changing world of today.