Exploring the Concept of Enlightenment and Moderation: A Comparative Discourse Analysis of Islam and the West to Foster Interfaith Dialogue


  • Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Farooq Abdullah Assistant Professor, Department of Interfaith Studies, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad
  • Dr. Hafiz Atif Iqbal Postdoctoral fellow, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya; Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, GIC Railway Road, Lahore


Dialogue, Culture, Dark Age, Enlightenment, History, Islam, Moderation, West


This research paper examines the concepts of enlightenment and moderation in the contexts of Islam and the West and aims to foster interfaith dialogue between the two. The study employs a comparative discourse analysis methodology to explore how these two concepts are conceptualized and operationalized in the two cultures. Through an examination of various texts, including religious scriptures, philosophical treatises, and political dialogues, the paper identifies similarities and differences in the two cultures' approaches to enlightenment and moderation. The study argues that understanding these similarities and differences can serve as a basis for constructive dialogue and mutual understanding between the two cultures. Through comparative discourse analysis, this study examines how these concepts are understood and articulated in both Islamic and Western contexts, and how they can be used to foster interfaith dialogue and understanding according to the history and current scenario. The study draws on a range of primary and secondary sources, including religious texts, scholarly works, and media coverage of interfaith dialogue initiatives. The findings of this research contribute to the growing body of literature on interfaith dialogue and could inform future efforts to promote peaceful coexistence between Islam and the West. The findings of the study suggest that while there are some significant differences in the ways that enlightenment and moderation are conceptualized in Islamic and Western traditions, there are also important areas of overlap and commonality. Both traditions emphasize the importance of reason, tolerance, and compassion, and share a commitment to seeking knowledge and promoting human progress to get rid of the traditions of the Dark Age




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Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Farooq Abdullah, & Dr. Hafiz Atif Iqbal. (2023). Exploring the Concept of Enlightenment and Moderation: A Comparative Discourse Analysis of Islam and the West to Foster Interfaith Dialogue. Nuqtah Journal of Theological Studies, 3(1), 64–83. Retrieved from https://nuqtahjts.com/index.php/njts/article/view/127