Research Areas

Nuqtah Journal of Theological Studies comprises research areas related to Islamic Studies and associated disciplines i.e Quran and its Sciences, Hadith and its Sciences, Muslim Jurisprudence, Biography of Prophet PBUH, Muslim History, Interfaith relations as well as Islamic perspectives on social, political, economic, educational, and international matters. Thus the scope of the journal covers a wide range of areas that could be related to different disciplines of Islam, Muslim theology, Spirituality, Book review on recently published scholarly works (related to the domain of Islamic Studies), Arabic literature, Contemporary challenges, and their solutions in the light of Islam. In addition, Nuqtahjts strives to provide a forum for the study of religious sciences in a global context with a supplementary focus on the Pakistan region. It also inspires interdisciplinary studies of the Muslim world that are cross-national and comparative to encourage interaction among academics from relevant and various traditions of learning.